COVID-19 and its Possible Effects on our Children’s Education


There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has affected our children’s education, and home schooling is the new normal. But how good is home schooling, not just for children’s education but for their welfare too? Below, we’ll take a look at the potential effects COVID-19 can have on children’s education and well-being. You can use this information to get the best out of a home-schooling situation.

Children are not at School: What Should We Expect the Consequences to be?

With such a long break from the classroom, academically, there’ll be a lot for students to catch up on. This gap in children’s education may have a big effect on their achievement in later life. When children aren’t in the classroom, they won’t just miss out academically, they’ll suffer social and emotional consequences too. Home schooling can help students be more independent, and bond with parents. But, it doesn’t offer the same support and educational enrichment as a classroom.

In a home-schooling environment, children may feel more isolated and alone without classmates around. This can leave them feeling stressed and vulnerable to mental health issues. Needless to say, home schooling will have an impact on social development too. With the Clanbeat app, students will feel less isolated and more connected as a study group. Through the app, students can effortlessly keep in touch with each other and their teachers.


Decreased Learning Time Has Likely Impeded Student Learning

The effects of children being away from the classroom could be compared to a case of chronic absenteeism. With such disruption to normal learning schedules and routines, it’s hard to maintain standardized teaching methods. This means that overall, learning time has decreased which is likely to impede children’s education. In a home-schooling situation, each child has a different learning environment. This means that it’s hard to set average standards of achievement and to judge their learning progress.

How Left Behind Will Children Be?

Without the right learning environment and resources, some children may become severely left behind. Parents and students with limited access to educational resources, such as a laptop, will find home schooling difficult. With a rise in unemployment due to COVID-19, some children may be under stress at home. Stress can limit a child’s learning and will also contribute to a child being left behind. Children’s diets may also be affected if they’re dependent on school meals. This can lead to poor health which will directly affect learning. All of these things could potentially have a lifelong effect on children and ultimately deepen inequality in society. Leaving the most vulnerable students more at risk and further left behind.

A fantastic feature of Clanbeat is that students are regularly prompted to give feedback about their moods. You can use this information to gain a clear insight into the feelings of individual students. If you find a reason for concern, you can check-in and chat with the student via the app. With these tools from Clanbeat, you can make sure that no child feels left behind.

Teaching Strategies for Parents and Schools

When it comes to home schooling, you must stick with the normal school routine as much as possible. A stable routine helps reduce stress and anxiety in children. Keep lessons short and allow for lots of positive breaks, preferably away from the screen. Make sure the child has a dedicated workspace that’s comfortable and free from distractions. Always encourage children to have a reflective talk after lessons. Encouraging feedback helps children to communicate and can also improve your teaching skills.

Being prepared is vital if you are to succeed in home schooling. At Clanbeat we offer a lesson plan that can be used in and out of the classroom. It’s specially designed to get the most out of Clanbeat’s features while building a strong classroom community.

Home-Schooling and Remote Education, Does it Give Children Limitations?

School isn’t just about learning, it’s also an important place for children to develop social and communication skills. When students learn remotely,they’re missing out on opportunities for social interaction which can put limitations on their well-being. If a child doesn’t have the right resources for home-schooling then they’ll be limited with academic achievement. However, if the right equipment and training are available, digital schooling can have many benefits. The main being that it’s accessible even when the classroom isn’t. Digital home schooling at its best is efficient and caters to all learning styles. And it naturally encourages parents to become involved with their children’s education.

With the Clanbeat app, you and your students can reap the benefits of digital learning. It’s an invaluable tool when it comes to children’s education and well-being, especially in these times of crisis. We offer practical ideas and support to enhance children’s education, both in the classroom and for home schooling. Discover Clanbeat today. It’s free and easy to use, so what are you waiting for?

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