Clanbeat is hiring Head of Communication and Marketing


For the first time ever we are looking for the Head of Communication and Marketing

We are at the beginning of a great journey and although we have done something right to reach the point where we are today, it has not been through well-thought communication and marketing.

In fact, we have been so busy with co-creating our product and talking with school leaders and students around the world that our public presence and building a loving community around us has been “mildly” neglected.
Well, not anymore.

For the first time ever we are looking for the Head of Communication and Marketing for creating awareness (how do we introduce Clanbeat to people who don’t know us), prompting consideration (how do we get people who need a product like ours to consider us for purchase), and driving conversion (how do we get people who are considering Clanbeat to sign up, pay us, and start using our products).

It is your chance to join our passionate team of education enthusiasts, researchers and technology geeks working towards a common goal: that there would be more people in our world who acquire the skills, habits, and mindset necessary for taking charge of their own learning and life and making the world a better place.

We want to contribute to a world where the unknown is embraced with grace. We are working on tools that support the growth of self-regulated learners and problem solvers following their inner motivation and strengths, building strong positive habits and well-being. Strongly supported by their community. So they would know what to do, even if they do not know what to do.

We have a mindset of experimenting with product creation and really listening to our audience, but our public presence has not yet had the chance to experience this love.

Now, it is the beginning of an era of intentionally creating our public presence to really reflect our intentions. Until now, we have done zero advertising, all collaboration with publications has happened by chance not choice and our social media accounts have random bursts of energy reflections from the past.

The loving people around us who want to help us in our cause are waiting for the chance to truly spread this innovation of ours being born in Estonia — one of the world’s front-runners in education and digital innovation.

So, what will you be doing

We have no strategy. Yet. We have an idea of a strategy and some learnings from our random acts of communication. We need someone who can based on their previous experience, sense of an adventure, and ambition, generate a plan so marvelous that even the greatest marketers who you can name, want to join your team.

But, wait. Hold your horses. Before you can start building your own team, let’s approach this as a proper start-up and think of the things we can do on our own. Before we start hiring people managing people managing people. We are not there yet. We are a small team of nine with a great desire to grow (and always be as flat organisation with self-managing people as we can); but for that growth let’s grow together first.

For that you really need to think about Clanbeat’s brand. Build and optimize marketing and communications funnel and processes. With creativity that champions a strong presence for Clanbeat. You will be kicking it off by actively looking for ways to drive growth and support our founder Kadri and the head of sales and partnerships Marleen for making magic happen so people would find their way to us.

For faster growth, you might want to outsource the activities that need an external push and we are more than open to collaborate with the greatest minds or the fastest hands in the industry. It is your decision how you make your plan a reality.

In all cases, what we do know: our online presence will play a big role. And, we also know that we cannot forget the word of mouth and the ‘heart-to-heart’. Besides, we are peoples’ people to our core.

Sometimes it may require inspiring content creation and lovely materials that bring value to our users; sometimes it may mean being in places where our potential users really are, engaging in deep conversations.

About you

You are a strategic thinker with a hands-on mentality. You have done this before. You have empathy towards educators and their world. The world is your oyster and there is no market too near or too far. Your writing skills are at a level your English teacher would be proud of.

What’s most important — you love creativity and the chaos and order around it. Because no process is complete until it brings the desired results. And the results you love. You actually monitor them and make adjustments along the way to align your experiment babies to the path of success. This requires analytical thinking and some technical expertise but not head-over-heels dashboard plane driving kind of madness. Just the right amount to keep yourself on the right track towards the results.

You are a self-driven leader and you do not love micromanaging — but are seeking co-creation and collaboration — loving the teamwork. And people. Because we are doing this with the people and for the people.

What you get

You get to collaborate with people all over the world, mastering your cross-cultural sensitivity. You get a small and dedicated team around you with the passion to bring growth and well-being to the schools around the world. We are in this together and having an open and transparent way of communicating and working together.

The COVID-events have started many changes. One of them was us not having a physical office, but being masters of our own location and time for working. You can choose — as long as you get the work done.

We have a runway to pay you a competitive salary and we value you enough to give you shares to really belong to the first 10 employees of the growing company. We promise to give you personal growth opportunities that will occasionally push you on a discovery journey out of your comfort zone. And you will love it. Or hate it. But you will grow.

Ready to accelerate the growth of Clanbeat and your own growth?

Here is how to apply

We want to get a sense of how you think. To that end, we do not accept CV-only but take you on a small ride into how you would approach this opportunity together with us.

For that, we have a small assignment that will not take more than a day of your time in total. We know this is a lot to ask as a first encounter — but we are really looking for those who are truly committed to the cause and look for no fortune seekers and opportunists.

If you know it is you whom we have described all along, please send your assignment request to along with your LinkedIn account or CV we will get back to you pronto.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

If you know it is you whom we have described all along, please send your assignment request to along with your LinkedIn account or CV we will get back to you pronto.