How to discover the interests and talents of my team?

Profile information as the basis

When both you and your team members have created their profiles through completing the 6 welcome goals, you will be able to discover what your team is really about. The more information has been provided, the better the overview of your team.


The overview of interests allows you to see what sparks someone’s interest and which interests are the most common within the team. This allows you to see beyond job titles and consider the information when planning team events.



The overview of skills allows you to see who is talented in what and which talents are the most common within the team. This becomes especially helpful if you need to reach out to someone for help in a specific field.


Learning interests

The list under “I wish to learn” allows you to see the subjects of interest for your team and it also highlights which learning interests are the most common within the team.



The birthday category lays down the whole year from January until December and gives you a quick overview of each team member’s birthday by month. To see the exact date, click on the person and see information under the “Personal” category.




The overview of expertises displays the answers given to the “add what you do” welcome goal. The list proves especially useful for newcomers in a big team.


Adding/removing an item

You can quickly add an unchosen item as your interests/skills/learning interests under the plus icon and remove one from your preferences under the minus icon.

Quick access to your colleague’s profile

You can click on your team member to access their profile information. There you will also have a quick overview of all the posts concerning your colleague.


Similarity with colleagues

Based on the interests that you and your colleagues have chosen, Clanbeat will show you the team member(s) with whom you have the most in common. To see this option or use it for finding a buddy as a newcomer, go to the home menu from the left and note the “People similar to you” section on the right. When you click on your colleague, you will reach their profile.