Our App provides 4 game-changing tools for International Schools. Want to know more? Read the following...

1. Streamline all Well-Being Support and Advice into one space...

…when your school engages in a variety of SEL and well-being programmes that need to be easily accessible to the community.

Clanbeat allows students to connect with various activities you are currently offering through one simple dashboard. Meanwhile, your designated support staff members can be contacted directly via the app.

We also provide our own resources for your community with diverse themes including IDI/Diversity, mindfulness, coaching, CASEL, viacharacter and NVC/RJ. Our well-being team is continuously developing new materials that speak to the student experience.


2. Direct your interventions via real time Well-Being data...

…when your school wants visibility on student needs so you can target support.

A weekly or daily check-in provides real time data for school leads, teachers or heads of year. Students fill out the short prompts that are sent as notifications to their devices as designated school staff receive an update, which in turn informs your action and intervention.

3. Bring deeper value to student reflections...

…when your school’s reflection experience needs an upgrade.

We know how important meaningful reflection is, but we often hear of reflection fatigue and know how challenging it can be. Working closely with IB MYP co-ordinators and Well-being teams, we have created a fresh, contextually useful and valuable experience for reflections.

The students’ thoughts are collected via the app throughout the year, and when the time is right, the thoughts are converted into a transcript and integrated into the formal reflection processes.

4. Introduce purposeful resources and activities for homeroom teachers...

…when your community is looking for lively and engaging content in homeroom time.

We know how complex the world around us has become, and as educators it can be hard to keep up with the needs of our students. We can’t afford to leave our students enquiries to chance and we want to offer a platform that is ethical and designed for learning.

Therefore, we have created nests, safe and social online communities, where skilled and dedicated content creators moderate spaces for students, teachers and parents on a range of topics: including mindfulness, healthy habits, parenting skills, teacher well-being and making friends, and soon to include an exciting collaboration on LGBTQA+ awareness, diversity and inclusion.

Here’s the process:

A call to map out your needs.

Receive your personalised offer.

Set up the account and carry out training as needed.

Onboard your teachers and students together.

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Toby Clanbeat

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