Online Teachers Play A Vital Role in Online Learning

When it comes to education, a physical classroom has always been a teacher’s greatest tool. But suddenly, classrooms were removed and teachers had to take on a new, vital role in online learning. With or without a physical classroom, teachers are the primary source of a child’s education. Below we’ll discover how online teachers play a vital role in online learning

Teachers Adapting to Online Teaching

As a teacher, to fulfill your vital role in online learning you have to be adaptable. Teaching online is different from teaching in the classroom. And you must learn how to change and adapt your teaching strategies accordingly.

You have to adopt an attitude towards students that not only focuses on their education but on their welfare too. You must also learn to collaborate more with parents and caregivers of students. In addition to this, you may have to find teaching strategies that work for students without internet access. One of the biggest challenges for educators has been adapting to new teaching technology. But this is a must for any teacher to succeed at remote learning.

Coming Up With New Ways to Keep Students Engaged

When children are learning from home keeping them motivated becomes much harder. Engagement plays a vital role in online learning. And as an online teacher, you must find ways to keep your students motivated and engaged.

To do this, set realistic goals for your students, give them learning choices and provide them with clear study strategies. Take the time to get to know students personally. When you know what the passions and interests are you can incorporate these into their learning.

To keep students engaged lead by example. Always conduct lessons with a positive and focused attitude. You should encourage students to interact with each other through message boards, discussions and group projects. Keep the digital classroom fun by playing lots of interactive games and allow for regular screen breaks. And try breaking up the week with regular themed days.

Giving your students a voice and ownership over their education is a powerful way to keep them motivated. At Clanbeat we understand the importance of this and that’s why we’ve created the planner section on our app. Here students can not only set academic goals but they can set lifelong goals too. This autonomy over their education keeps them motivated and productive. Our app also encourages students to give daily feedback about their learning and well-being. Together, these features will help you make sure that no child is feeling unmotivated and left behind.

Learning New Technologies

As an online teacher, learning about new technologies plays a vital role in online learning. These learning technologies have been a long time in development. And they’re tried and tested ways of making online teaching much easier. Without utilizing these digital tools, your role as an online teacher won’t be strong and your students will suffer.

Digital learning tools are designed to make your life much easier as a teacher. They can help with lesson planning and communication as well as distributing and grading work. They provide a digital learning base where you and your students can collaborate. Apps like Clanbeat are perfect for use in both the digital and physical classroom. With our app, students can communicate effortlessly with each other and they can reach you easily when they need support.

For the ultimate in online education, we’ve partnered up with Google Classroom. When you use it alongside our app you have all the tools you need to teach effectively online.

Virtual Classrooms are Providing a Fun Learning Experience for Students

For many, the transition to online learning wasn´t a smooth one. It happened quickly with little planning and was an involuntary response to an emergency. However, this move has given us an in-depth look at the benefits of digital education. And we’ve found that there’s a lot to be gained from it. It enables educators to customize learning and gives students access to a diverse range of learning materials. When it’s done correctly with the right training and planning, digital learning can greatly enhance the education process.

Although the digital classroom can never replace the physical one, students are beginning to enjoy the benefits of digital learning. By combining the best of both digital and traditional learning methods you can provide the best learning opportunities for students.

At Clanbeat we believe in encouraging students to become passionate, lifelong learners regardless of their learning environment. We aim to provide you with the best features of digital learning in one accessible place. You can use our app to help you as an online teacher in fulfilling your vital role in online learning. Our app is free to try so why not download it today? This way, you’ll give your students the best chance when it comes to digital learning.

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