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An open letter to innovative educators

Considering the turbulent times, we are offering Clanbeat for free for educators around the world, who would like to help solve some of the biggest challenges in education surrounding students’ growth and well-being.

We have no interest in building a digital solution that has little benefit for real teachers and students. Or build something, that schools around the world would have difficulties with making use of.

We want to build intuitive experiences that empower happier and healthier humans! The best way we know how, is to actually be in constant conversation with real-life users of the Clanbeat application.

For these purposes we have partnered with a number of schools around the world and have talked to countless students and teachers to help us help them better.

Join the movement and let’s build the future together!

Why Clanbeat helps today?


Take an efficient, personalised approach to student development and resolve student issues before they become a problem.

Plus, with Clanbeat you can foster a stronger sense of belonging in your class with your own digital class hub.



Make focusing on school work easier by sharpening your learning skills and understanding your moods.

Answer fun questions about your well-being, find others who share your interests and build better friendships in your class.



Keep your finger on the pulse of your school’s well-being and students’ development.

Focus on what requires a greater deal of attention and achieve better results for the entire school.


What to expect as a pioneer

  • A unique opportunity to start using Clanbeat in your organization and build a better future for teachers and students
  • FREE usage for our co-created platform
  • Together with your students, you will be among the first to benefit from the innovation
  • Early access to future Clanbeat updates and new features
  • Articles about your journey to be published on our channels
  • A mission-driven community of international educators
  • A chance to become a Clanbeat ambassador in your region

What we ask

  • You are an educator in an International School (for YEAR 5-12 students)
  • You are passionate about inspiring personal well-being and growth
  • You are interested in shaping the future with humane technology
  • You are ready to pilot the Clanbeat app with your students
  • You are willing to  provide your input, insight from your students’ experience and share stories

Let's innovate education together

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