Stronger Parent-Teacher Partnership


When it comes to children having a good education a strong parent and teacher relationship is essential. This past year we’ve seen the parent and teacher partnership shift to another level through homeschooling. In this guide, we’ll explore all the skills you need to build a strong and effective parent and teacher partnership.

Stronger Partnership Between Teachers and Parents

A strong parent & teacher relationship provides the perfect support network for children in education. When parents and teachers work as partners then students feel confident and secure being backed by such a good team. This improves student’s well-being and generally makes them better achievers.

For this special parent & teacher partnership to work then there has to be honest, two-way communication. Take the time to learn the parents’ names and listen to them, their concerns, and their needs. This will give you an understanding of each individual parent and help you develop a strong partnership with them.


Open Communication, Clear and Honest Communication

Good communication is a vital part of any relationship and the parent & teacher relationship is no exception. If there’s a communication breakdown, this will make what should be a strong support network, a weak one. And this will ultimately put the student’s welfare at risk. To maintain good levels of communication in parent & teacher partnerships then be approachable.

Invite feedback from parents and share regular updates about their child’s learning progress. Don’t hesitate to reach out to parents via their preferred communication methods at appropriate times. At Clanbeat we believe that quick, clear and efficient communication is vital in any kind of learning environment. This is why you can now connect your Google Classrooms account to your Clanbeat group.

Parental Involvement

One of the benefits of the current homeschooling situation is that it’s bringing families closer together. Studies suggest that when parents are involved in their education then students do better academically. The influence of parental involvement is so strong it can even overcome other setbacks such as social disadvantages. Parental involvement can be encouraged between different families too. Find out parents’ strengths and abilities and encourage them to share their skills with other families.


Teachers and Parents Must Set a Target

When it comes to homeschooling then it’s essential to set goals and targets. This is why at Clanbeat we’ve developed an interactive way for students to keep track of educational and life-long goals. When parents and students have something to aim for then they’ll be more motivated. It will also give them a sense of responsibility and a reason to collaborate. These targets will also give parents direction in their role as educators. Always invite open discussion from students and parents about targets to make sure they’re realistic and achievable.

Willingness to Cooperate

For a parent & teacher partnership to work then both sides must be willing to cooperate. Parents and teachers must become allies, supporting each other for the best interests of the students. When parents feel involved, they’ll usually be willing to cooperate. Invite them to make decisions and give input about their child’s education. Parents generally want their children to do well so they’ll usually be willing to cooperate.


Social Competencies and Emotional Well-Being

Parents, teachers and students have all been put under extra stress in the past year. Some families have lost loved ones or have been made redundant. And we’re all worried about the pandemic’s impact on education. We’re missing out on social interactions too. This can be bad for emotional well-being, it can also lead to social incompetencies. This is another good reason to keep in touch with families and students. And is especially important in cases where children may not be able to access online learning resources.

The daily mood checker in the Clanbeat app is the perfect way to monitor student well-being. This feature encourages students to give regular updates about their moods and well-being. You can use this data to ensure that your students are feeling at their best. And to take action when they’re not.

Parents are Vital Partners in Education

Parents are the people that students spend most of their time with. And parents are often the most influential people in a student’s life. Parents know their children intimately and know their needs and requirements more than anyone else. The education you deliver in the classroom will be reinforced at home by parents. For education to work, it needs the support of parents and this is what makes them vital partners in education.

Building a stronger parent & teacher partnership is one of the best things you can do for your students. Especially in these times when parents and teachers are working more closely together than ever before. As a teacher, when you use an app such as Clanbeat, your workload will be reduced. Giving you more time to focus on building stronger parent & teacher relationships to improve the well-being of your students.

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