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When it comes to studying from home we could all use some tips for online learning. It’s good to know about techniques for keeping motivated and how to prepare your digital classroom. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re learning remotely so take a look at our tips for students below. By following them, you’ll be sure to get the most from your digital learning experience.

Confirm the Course’s Technical Requirements

When we’re looking at tips for online learning, then the most important one is to be prepared. When you’re learning online, you’re responsible for your learning environment. So you must check to make sure that you have everything you need to take part in the course. This could be books, a computer, headphones, or even a printer.

Do you need to download any programs or applications such as Zoom or Google Classroom? Familiarize yourself with equipment or digital learning tools and test them out before using them for an online class. This way your learning will run smoothly, and you’ll get the most from your course.


Check for Reliable Internet

Other practical tips for students taking part in online learning include checking for a reliable internet connection. This is a vital part of online learning. As well as being frustrating, if your internet keeps cutting out then you may miss out on valuable information. If you don’t have a good connection at home then try a library or Internet cafe, if they’re available. If this fails, there are a few tips for students who need to improve their internet connection.

Firstly, try using an internet booster to strengthen the signal. If this doesn’t work, try connecting a desktop computer directly to the modem instead of using Wi-Fi. You could also try making an internet timetable at home. This would ensure that there aren’t too many people using the same connection all at once.


Build your Own Study Plan

One of the best tips for students and online learning is that you should create a clear study plan. Having a study plan will help you stay motivated. It’ll also give you clarity, direction and a sense of autonomy over your course. As well as making a study plan, set yourself to-do lists as well as daily, weekly and monthly goals. Review your study plan regularly and stick to it as much as you can.

In the age of digital learning, creating a study plan has never been easier. And there’s a whole range of digital learning tools available that can help you reach your learning goals. The Clanbeat app is based on a learning cycle of personal planning, setting goals, action and reflection. It provides you with everything you need to easily create and monitor your personal online learning goals.

Never be Afraid to Ask for Help

Whether you’re learning online or in a classroom then you should never be afraid to reach out. This is one of the most overlooked tips for students who are taking part in online learning. There’s a greater risk of being left behind when you’re learning online, without the support of classmates and a tutor.

When you’re learning from home, reaching out can be difficult. That’s why the Clanbeat app is based on clear and easy communication between students and teachers. The daily student check-in feature provides you with the perfect opportunity to reach out for help if you need it. As well as this, it allows you to communicate easily with your classmates whenever you need their support.


Participate in Online Discussions with Classmates

No matter how many tips for online learning you follow, a digital classroom will never provide physical and social interactions. This means that you should make an extra effort to stay socially involved with classmates. One way you can do this is by taking part in online discussions. When it comes to staying socially active, other tips for students include creating online groups, virtual meetups or message boards. This kind of collaboration isn’t just good for maintaining social skills, it’s great for learning too.

Stay Motivated and Energised

One of the final tips for online learning we’ll look at is how to stay motivated. Online learning isn’t as stimulating as learning in the classroom. This means that sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated and keep your energy levels high. When it comes to staying energised then tips for students include drinking water, stretching and taking breaks from the screen. You should also eat a balanced diet and keep to your regular sleeping routine. Most importantly, to keep motivation levels high, make sure that you reward yourself occasionally.

These tips for students give you an idea of what to expect with digital learning. To get the most out of online classes, you should also use digital learning tools such as Clanbeat. The Clanbeat app can be used alongside Google Classroom to cover all of your online learning needs. They’re both free to use, so why not try them today?

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